Thursday, February 4, 2016

SpongeBob SquarePants - Reef Blower

The story begins with a shell on Squidward's nose. It floats up and Squidward is shown in a pile of sand in front of his house. He is surrounded by other piles of sand. The scene pans over to SpongeBob's pineapple. His yard is clean. He walks backwards out of his house and to the left. dusts his hands off and magically makes a pile of sand create a bigger pile of sand and a door. He opens the door. He turns around and walks backwards into the pile. A wide shot of Conch Street is shown. Patrick's rock and Squidward's House are covered in sand and SpongeBob's pineapple is clean. a spout of water appears on the camera. SpongeBob is shown with a overfilled reef blower. The water in the ocean is gone. Squidward is shown on his porch with "X"s over his eyes. He breathes and then slouches down with his arm tentacles holding his head. The water refills. SpongeBob is shown shooting the water out of his reef blower. Soon, it stops and he sits down. He then stands back up and pulls the reef blower's starting mechanism very far. He passes two boats on his way. The boaters put their boats in reverse. SpongeBob eventually stops. He then pushes the starter mechanism back, while facing in the opposite direction. He is then shown looking angry. The reef blower starts to work, but stops. He then pulls the starting mechanism again and then pushes it back. He then opens the bag and takes its contents out. He then walks backwards with the contents of the bag. He walks back with nothing in it. He then zips the bag up. He then brings the reef blower to the pile of contents that were in the bag. He puts the reef blower on and the bag sucks up the contents again. The reef blower starts to work again. He then shoots a pile of sand out of the reef blower. He then walks backwards and lands on Squidward's outdoor table that Squidward is sitting at. SpongeBob then walks off the table. He then points at the pile of sand and says, "You!" The scene shows the pile of sand. The scene returns to SpongeBob at the table. Squidward sniffles. SpongeBob then sucks the water surrounding Squidward. Squidward ends up with sand in his eyes. Squidward sucks up his tears. SpongeBob is shown with part of a leaf. SpongeBob then sucks the water around it and it creates the full leaf. However, it has sand on it. SpongeBob then places on Squidward's plate. SpongeBob then sucks the water around Squidward and brings the pile of sand over Squidward. SpongeBob then runs away backwards, towards his pineapple. The sand pile then is sucked away from Squidward. It is then inserted in a hole in the ground with the help of SpongeBob  The hole is then covered with the shell from earlier. It floats up and SpongeBob sucks it back down. This occurs one more time. SpongeBob then runs backwards. Squidward is then shown with earplugs on. He then takes them off. He is then revealed to be in a hammock. SpongeBob is shown walking backwards to to his garage. Squidward then lies down on the hammock. SpongeBob walks backwards into his garage. SpongeBob then leaves the garage without the reef blower. He then slides into his open window. He sees the shell. He closes the window. The shell floats towards Squidward's house. Squidward then looks at then visually examines the shell. He then walks backwards to his front door. Squidward looks at the shell again. He then looks at his otherwise clear front yard. He then bends a flower. He walks back into his house and closes the door. A wide shot of Conch Street is shown.

Basic Plot: SpongeBob repeatedly ruins and fixes Squidward's day using his reef blower in an attempt to get a very floaty shell on his yard. After thinking he has succeeded, he goes back to his house. However, the shell floats away onto Squidward's yard.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

SpongeBob SquarePants - Help Wanted

The story begins at The Krusty Krab. Patrick along with a bunch of Krabby Patties fly through the doors in to The Krusty Krab. Patrick stops at Squidward in the Cashier boat and the patties continue to be sucked into the order window. SpongeBob flies out of the window into where Squidward and Patrick are. He is holding a spatula with a blade that is moving. Patrick lifts his hand, lowers his hand, and then walks backwards out of The Krusty Krab. SpongeBob and Squidward look to there left and Mr. Krabs holding a giant bag of money in a wheelbarrow, walks backwards into the scene. Squidward lifts his hand a few times. Mr. Krabs lifts his hand a few times. Mr. Krabs takes SpongeBob's name tag away from him. Mr. Krabs dances around a bit. A wrecked Krusty Krab is shown. The scene shows SpongeBob blowing on his spatula in the kitchen. An anchovy is in the main area chewing. He spits out a full Krabby Patty and it is sucked into the kitchen. SpongeBob is shown taking the patty. Buses appear and a lot of anchovies exit. They walk backwards into The Krusty Krab. Anchovies are seen chewing and Krabby Patties are being sucked off-screen. SpongeBob is seen in the kitchen. he is taking the patties and pushing them into a stack. The scene with the anchovies resumes. SpongeBob is seen taking the top bun off the Krabby Patties and pushing them to the side. A bunch of sliced up tomatoes, onions, and heads of lettuce are put back into full form when SpongeBob hits them. SpongeBob is seen taking the top bun off one patty. An anchovy is shown chewing and then a full Krabby Patty is sucked out of his mouth and into the order window. SpongeBob is seen deconstructing the patty to show a ketchup and mustard smile on the bottom bun. The mustard and ketchup is sucked back into their bottles. SpongeBob is show as numbers 4, 3, 2, and 1. He is then seen on a yellow background without any borders on him. He is then shown blue and then a red background with borders on him. He is then shown walking away on a blue background. He then swishes back into the scene and then is shown, sucking ketchup, mustard, and mayo off bottom buns. He walks a backwards on a box of patties, a table with sliced onions, a table with sliced lettuce, a table with sliced tomatoes, and patties on a grill. He steps down in front of the three tables. he is deconstructed and then puts himself back together. Like earlier, when he touches the sliced vegetables, they turn into their full form. He is shown back-jumping in the "air". Patties start to get sucked off the grill into SpongeBob's eyes. SpongeBob goes back into the box. the ground shakes and SpongeBob goes through the order window into the dining area, where the anchovies are still there. He flies backwards past the crowd of anchovies. He flies to Squidward and Mr. Krabs who are on a pole. He hits Mr. Krabs and Squidward in the face with two of the three spatula heads. He presses a button and it stops. He pushes a button and the two of the heads go away. A red light starts flashing on his spatula and flies backwards leaving the two. The two start sucking up their tears and shaking hands. A few waves of anchovies go backwards. They climb down to the crowd. A wave takes them and flies backwards. SpongeBob is shown walking backwards with a shopping cart at the Barg'N-Mart. Mr. Krabs is shown holding Squidward jumping in the scene at The Krusty Krab. They jump back up and are seen with planks of wood. They jump back up and are now in a boat. They jump on the waves of anchovies. The Krusty Krab starts to jump around. SpongeBob walks backwards out of the Barg'N-Mart. Back at The Krusty Krab, the anchovies are still fighting the two. The fighting stops. Squidward talks to the crowd. The crowd stares at him. One of the anchovies says "Meep!" Squidward finishes talking and walks backwards. The anchovies start to get restless. Mr. Krabs and Squidward hide in the boat. The Anchovies run out of the restaurant backwards. They walk on there buses. Mr. Krabs yells and then stares. He squints and sniffs. he falls down and starts laughing. Squidward joins him. The buses close there doors and drive backwards out of The Krusty Krab "parking lot". SpongeBob walks backwards into The Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs and Squidward are still laughing, but are no longer on the floor. They stop laughing. SpongeBob solutes Mr. Krabs and takes out his notebook. SpongeBob solutes again and then takes out a hand mirror. He takes out a pencil and Mr. Krabs takes his hat. SpongeBob writes down notes. He stops taking notes and stares. Mr. Krabs and Squidward walk backwards near a wall. SpongeBob is now on the floor. SpongeBob talks sadly. He flops out of the scene. He bounces around the restaurant. Mr. Krabs and Squidward stare at each other. SpongeBob finishes flopping. he lands on a nail and is at the door. He looks angrily at them. The two look surprised and start talking. Squidward runs backwards and Mr. Krabs starts to sniff his money. Squidward runs out of the restaurant and sees a "Help Wanted" sign. He picks up some cleaning supplies. He sees SpongeBob walking backwards. Squidward tries to erase graffiti on the door. SpongeBob walks over to Patrick who is doing a pose. SpongeBob also does that pose. He and Patrick jump up and down. Patrick starts to talk to him. Patrick holds his breath and then breathes. He grunts and continues to talk to SpongeBob. SpongeBob starts to talk sadly. Patrick continues to talk to him. SpongeBob sees the help wanted sign. gas goes into The Krusty Krab and it sparkles. SpongeBob stares at The Krusty Krab. The Bubble transition is shown. Patrick jumps up and sticks his back to his rock. The rock closes. SpongeBob angrily walks backwards to his pineapple. He then picks up a barbell with stuffed animals on the sides and then sets it down after a struggle. Gary meows. SpongeBob goes into his shirt and walks away from his gym. He jumps out of his clothes and lands on his underwear on his diving board. Gary meows and SpongeBob is shown on the ladder of his diving board. He climbs down. he turns on his alarm and goes to sleep. His alarm stops. The scene pans out of his pineapple to the exterior and continues to pan out into the city and then finally a reef.

Basic Plot: SpongeBob gets fired after taking customer's patties, deconstructing them, and then flying away, leaving Squidward and Mr. Krabs to die, just to go to the Barg'N-Mart. The two are only saved by the fact that the anchovies lose interest in them.